Cherry blossoms in full bloom at Gardens by the Bay

Amid falling petals and waving brunches, we chase the blossoms and discover more. Follow our path. It’s brief, but beautiful and worth your while.

Stefan Lim & Zhang Wei Jin / 19 March 2017

The blossoms have returned to the tropics. At the Flower Dome, more than 20 varieties of cherry and peach trees are lined up along pathways and sited across flower fields. This means you do not have to venture beyond the shores of our sunny island to catch the blossoms in full bloom.

Cherry Blossoms Singapore
Cherry Blossoms 2017 at Gardens by the Bay - Marina Bay
The cherry blossoms are in full bloom at Gardens by the Bay! Slow down, take a stroll and smell the flowers with us.
Gardens by the Bay - Cherry Blossoms Bloom
Gardens by the Bay's Cherry Blossoms

What’s blooming at Gardens by the Bay?


The blooms might be brief. But catching the moment may be worth your while.

Immerse in the beauty of springtime Japan in tropical Singapore

It’s a world of perpetual spring at the Flower Dome, so it becomes possible to replicate the Sakura season here. We know it’s never quite the same, but with rising airfares and looming project deadlines, taking a stroll down the cool Flower Dome with cherry blossoms in full bloom isn’t an untenable option.

Late bloomers flourish last

The season’s drawing to a close (Last day on 24 March – Friday) but there are enough buds on the trees for us to believe the best is yet to end. Grab the chance and catch that brief, but beautiful bloom.

Cool and dry in-door garden, just like a shopping mall

Admit it. You spend all your off-days at the mall, feasting, shopping and slumped into the movie theatre’s cushioned armchair. Time to step out, in comfort. Visit the Flower Dome and take a stroll among cherry blossoms. You clock enough steps to keep you fit in a conservatory with climate control. If you are dating, your partner will adore you for the attempt to make love blossom among the flowers. Otherwise, your children will love you for giving them space to run about and smell the flowers. All in air-conditioned comfort.

What’s stylishly comfortable?


See and be seen. We curate the #ootd(s) for the occasion.

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All you need to get to the bay


Season’s ending on 23 March. A visit to the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay beckons.

$12 for adult.
$8 for child and senior citizen.

9.00am to 9.00pm daily
3 March to 24 March 2017

Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay.

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