You spin me round round – Marina Bay Carnival

We tour the Marina Bay Carnival, a congregation of thrill rides and colorful food kiosks for the bored millennial. Get high.

We walk the grounds, scale the heights and fly vertical to bring you the thrills of the carnival:

– The Star Flyer. A ride that takes you 35m above ground and gives you a unobstructed 360 degrees view of Marina Bay.

– The Mach 5. A spinner of a ride that propels you to a height of 55m above ground at a speed of 96 km/h. Get ready to spin at great speed.

– The rebound. No, not your next boyfriend. You toss 3 balls off a board in an attempt to land them into a red box. Get the current boyfriend to win something for you.

– Meatballs in a bucket. Your choice of chicken or beef and brown gravy with cranberry or cheese sauce for the accompanying mashed potato and twister fries.

That’s not all. Watch the video for more thrills, or you can visit the carnival and show us thrills.

Our kind of fun at Singapore’s biggest carnival: thrill rides, games and food.
Meatballs in a bucket at Marina Bay Carnival

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