Fine wines in a box from The French Cellar

Take the Tour de France with wine curated from France, a sprawling country of many vineyards.

Fine wines from The French Cellar


Stefan Lim & Zhang Wei Jin / 2 January 2017

Having the lads over but can’t quite find the right wine for the occasion? The folks at The French Cellar will resolve your dilemma with their subscription service. No more tearing the hair out over which wine to pair with the ‘Har Cheong Gai‘. Just pop the bottles and be happy.

May we serve wine


Have 2 bottles of French wine delivered to your doorstep every month. Each curated by a sommelier and arrives with his tasting notes.

  • What’s in a plan. Pick between Vineyard Gems ($79 a month for wine from independent vineyards that are ‘off the beaten track’), Tasting Voyage ($139 for wine from known appellations) and Grand Crus ($259 for rare bottles from prestigious appellations).
  • Receive your 1st box within a week of your order and monthly thereafter.
  • Refer to the digital tasting notes (scan the QR code on the bottle) to discover the appellation and receive food pairing ideas.
  • Have your wine served chilled and fresh to the people you love!
Splendid Pinot Noir from the beautiful appellation of Sancerre- French Cellar
Mondeuse from Savoie - French Cellar

And so they say

Taste the best of France from the comforts of home.

In our box: a Pinot Noir from Loire Valley and a Mondeuse from Savoie.

Why wine by subscription?


The wine cooler that never runs out. Now why is this worth your while.

The sommelier makes the decision. You drink.

Don’t leave your choice of wine to luck. Be served by an established sommelier who would scour the furthest ends of France for good quality wines that are reasonably priced – a useful option for the folks with no time to even scour the end of the wine shelves in the neighbourhood supermarket.

Different wines from different vineyards every month

Be taken on an expedition to ‘off your beaten track’ vineyards. You get access to independent vineyards that produce wine that are rarer and less run of mill. Why be faced with largely similar wines from the same source when you can savour different wines every month? – for the folks who crave variety.

Your box for all occasions

A bottle makes a great companion for a quiet night in, completes the dinner party, and is an impressive gift! The cooler should never run out of wine.

All you need to get started


Pioneer of the ‘wine box by subscription’ model in Singapore.

Wine, to be savoured with least haste, is curated in France and delivered to your doorstep every month. Not to be associated with online wine stores that serve immediate cravings for the odd bottle, often requiring consumers to pick their own wine.

$79 – $259 monthly for 2 bottles of wine, curated from vineyards all over France.

Available for subscription 24/7. The French Cellar currently fulfils orders from Singapore only.

Wines are delivered direct from the vineyards across the sprawling wine producing regions, including Beaujolais, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire, Languedoc, Alsace and Rhône Valley.

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