Fine brews from the Siphon pot at Starbucks Reserve®

The Siphon, with its elegant glass chambers and stunning vacuum process, delivers a full-bodied brew with excellent clarity and aromatics. Take a sip today.

The Siphon Brew at Starbucks Reserve®


Stefan Lim & Zhang Wei Jin / 5 January 2017

Not just the usual hand-crafted brew at this joint. Tucked away in the basement of the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is Starbucks Reserve®, an outlet that serves rare, small-lot coffees brewed using a myriad of methods. Only here can you get coffee brewed by the Siphon: a method that combines total immersion with filter brewing to produce full-bodied and exceptionally clear coffee. We give you a grand tour of the experience.

May we serve you coffee?


The method of drawing water up, through the coffee grounds, then back down as a clean cup of coffee is both a science and an art. Here’s the craftsmanship to a mesmerising brew.

  • Water is brought to a boil in the lower chamber of the Siphon. As air heats up and expands, the boiling water is forced into the upper chamber.
  • In the upper chamber, water is stirred to cool to just under the boil (about 90 to 95 deg C), leaving it ideal for brewing.
  • Coffee is added and allowed to bloom in the upper chamber. Hot air from the lower chamber keeps the coffee trapped above, brewing it gently.
  • When the heat source is removed after 75 seconds, air in the lower chamber shrinks as it cools, creating a vacuum that pulls the brew downwards through a filter.
  • Beautifully brewed coffee is ready to be served!
Starbucks Reserve at Marina Bay Sands

And so they say

Coffee, to be good, must be filtered, and not boiled.

At the Marina Bay Sands store, you can sample brews from the Clover® brewer, Chemex® coffeemaker, traditional Coffee Press and Pour-over.

Starbucks Reserve at Marina Bay Sands
Starbucks Reserve: Siphon Brew at MBS

Why Siphon brew?


Done with the science and the art. Now why is this worth your while.

Uniquely vivid flavors

The combination of immersion and vacuum allows water to pass through finer ground coffee to extract its full flavour potential, producing a brew that is full bodied, crisp and clean – a sensational experience for the palate and nose.

Rare, small-lot coffee

Step in for an expedition that takes you around the world for exotic, exquisite and rare single-origin coffees that are limited in quantity. Brewing now at Starbucks Reserve®: Colombia La Union 16 and Papua New Guinea Luoka – for the folks with a sense of adventure.

Good vibes only, with the date

Watching the stunning vacuum process unfold in elegant glass chambers is a therapeutic visual experience. Bring a date, sit by the bar and enjoy the art and technique. It beats the tacky film and the malls with uncanny uniformity.

How to get here


The seventh outlet in Singapore, and the first to feature the Siphon Brewing method.

Other Starbucks Reserve® outlets are at: The Fullerton Waterboat House (#02-01/02/03), Resorts World Sentosa (#01-202), Capital Tower (#01-01/02), Jurong Point (#03-52/52A), Rochester Park, VivoCity (#01-168/169/170)

$7.80 – $8.40. Tall and served hot.

8.00am – 11.30pm (Sunday – Thursday)
8.00am – 12.00am (Friday, Saturday, Eve of and Public Holidays)

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands: B2-56, Canal Level.

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