Fine dine by the quay: Porta SG

This is where a brave seafaring captain keeps his stash of crops, meats and spices, curated from the furthest ends of the universe. Stop by and try to gain entry for some hearty fare.

Fresh crops, tender meats and exotic spices


Stefan Lim & Zhang Wei Jin / 5 March 2017

Psst! Put the daily grind on hold and follow us into the secret warehouse and depot of a seafaring captain who will scour the furthest ends of earth for crops and meats that make the most hearty fare for everyone who stops by his establishment. Here’s our guide to a captivating experience at Porta Fine Food & Import Company.

Enter PORTA, the Fine Food & Import Company at Park Hotel Clarke Quay and you shall find inspiring epicurean treasures from around the world. Welcome to our secret warehouse and may we entice you with fine food, made with the best ingredients from the furthest corners of earth.
Map Room - PORTA at Park Hotel Clarke Quay


With alcove booths for small intimate parties and a take-out section for the gourmand who wishes to procure spices, meats and recipes to replicate the menu at home, this casual fine-dining establishment evokes a Mediterranean charm that is both homely and resort-like.

There are more to explore. Stacks of journals, books and souvenirs curated from the Captain’s travels are stored in the Map Room – have the bar make you a gin tonic and take a quiet read here. Further, the captain’s stash of art pieces and antiques are stored in the Art Study – a hidden gallery reserved for the most private rendezvous. Plan an exclusive private party here.

Step right in. Enter the secret warehouse and residence of our host that is passionate about sourcing a thoughtful collection of food and objects, putting them on display for the enjoyment of his guests.


Chef Michel Suyanto helms the kitchen and whips up a hearty menu that is distinctly modern European. You get something from every part of Europe – from French ravioles to Spanish octopus and Iberico pork. Overall, Porta delivers a concise but stellar menu, featuring rich sauces and stock, fresh produce, finicky methods and clean presentation.

Step right in. We showcase the fine touches of Chef Michael Suyanto, the man behind the culinary secrets of PORTA at Park Hotel Clarke Quay.
Foie Gras - PORTA at Park Hotel Clarke Quay


The tastiest catch at Porta come from the depths of faraway seas. The Norwegian Salmon Trout ($18) is harvested straight out of the North Atlantic, then cleaved, smoked and tossed in greens and cherry tomatoes before a drizzle of honey mustard. Closer to shore, the Spanish Octopus ($18) has its roots in Ria de Arousa where fresh calamari is seared to achieve a succulent center with smoky edges.

The show is not dominated by finds from the ocean. A serve of Chilled Angel Hair, skilfully twirled and garnished with avruga caviar, and paired with kombu seaweed and truffle oil, will have everyone at the table ask for seconds despite its generous portion. This appetiser is exclusive to the 3-Course Set Lunch ($22).

Enter the secret warehouse and residence of a well-travelled host who's put together the best ingredients from the furthest corners of earth to make the most exquisite lunch and even dinner by the quay side.

Porta’s hidden, and a secret. Here’s intelligence on what’s good and how to get there.


Entry for the savvy only. What’s the passcode?

$18++ for 2-course set lunch.
$22++ for 3-course set lunch.

$18++ for Spanish octopus leg.
$23++ for Porta burger (Angus beef).
$24++ for pan seared foie gras.
$26++ for roasted Iberian pork shoulder.

11.30am – 10.30pm daily

1 Unity Street, Park Hotel Clarke Quay.

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