When nature calls: café hopping along Neil Road

The Apiary, Botanist and Epiphyte, a trio of natured-themed cafés each distinctive in their approach to grub and space, deliver an invigorating dining experience that pleases both the palate and the eye. Take a bite of nature today.

Nature calls at Apiary, Botanist and Epiphyte


Stefan Lim & Zhang Wei Jin / 24 January 2017

Rest your eyes; step into a world where terrariums flourish, orchids bloom and creepers climb high. In this indoor vertical garden, café hoppers arrive to immerse themselves in nature and discover a myriad of eye-catching desserts from edible terrariums to Earl Grey Lavender ice cream.

Let us take you on a stroll along Neil Road in sleepy Tanjong Pagar where a trio of these nature-themed cafés stand and round up a signature item from each that is sure to impress.

Nature themed cafes along Neil Road. We give you a grand tour of the Apiary, Botanist and Epiphyte.
Cafe Hopping - Apiary Singapore - Ice Cream

Apiary – The Creamery

Bees to honey and foodies to ice cream. We ditch fancy flavours such as Earl Grey Lavender, Despicable (banana, walnut, black sesame and brownies), Hojicha (matcha) and Bergamot Sorbet (citrus) to settle for… The Apiary ($3.80 for single scoop), a sublime concoction of unassuming vanilla ice cream, nougat and pecan nuts  – a smooth operator that packs a crunch in between.

Cafe Hopping at The Botanist

The Botanist – Dr Green

The only Madame that caught our attention (yup, not even the slender twenty-something executives dropping in for lunch from offices nearby). The Croque Madame ($18) is two thick slices of ham and shreds of melted gruyere cheese stacked in between toasted brioche, topped with a gorgeous sunny-side up and sprinkled with lots of greens, petals and cheery tomatoes. It is filling, full of protein and we dare say, a healthy option for lunch.

Cafe Hopping at Epiphyte

Epiphyte – Galaxy Treats

This joint checks all the boxes for an enchanting picnic in the garden.

The Emerald, with all her Tahitian vanilla mousse, quetsche compote and white chocolate glaze, makes a glittering gem of a delectable dessert. Dropping a shot of choya completes her get-up.

The terrarium is alluring and… quite edible. You get sponge cake laden with chocolate, mint custard and apple compote – a mini garden in a rock glass. Dousing a shot of rum whets the appetite and gets us high.

Nature themed cafes along Neil Road. We give you a grand tour of Epiphyte.

Café hopping in the gardens


Take a stroll among the flora. Smell the roses, and enjoy a treat.

$3.80 for single scoop ice cream at Apiary.
$18 for Croque Madame at The Botanist.
$12 for Terrarium (chocolate sponge cake with fresh mint custard and apple compote; +$3 for shot of rum) at Epiphyte.
$15 for Emerald (Tahitian vanilla mousse, quetsche compote, white chocolate glaze and choya drizzle) at Epiphyte.

Apiary: 12.00pm – 10.00pm (Sunday – Thursday), 12.00pm – 1.00am (Friday and Saturday)
The Botanist: 8.00am – 6.00pm (Tuesday – Sunday)
Epiphyte: 4.00pm – midnight (Daily)

Apiary: 84 Neil Road.
The Botanist: 74 Neil Road.
Epiphyte: 47 Neil Road.

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